Canadian E-Cig industry moves forward at an aggressive rate

E cigarettes have definitely made massive advancements in terms of style, performance and technology which continues to make way for several new sophisticated varieties of electronic smoking products to find their way in to Canada’s market.

Original e-cigs from the earlier days used three standard elements, a refillable cartridge you have to add flavored juice to by way of a drip tip, a replaceable atomizer that heats the ejuice and changes it into a plume of vapour, and a rechargeable battery that is utilized to electronically charge the disposable atomizer when pressing an activation switch at the time a person takes a drag. After you have assembled the three components into one you wind up with a product that very much looks like a normal cigarette.

By way of the current technological advancement throughout the industry, e cig manufacturers are now capable of producing a 2 piece design incorporating the disposable atty with the refillable cart to build what have become known as a disposable cartomizer.

Cartomizers are activated automatically and are always pre-filled with juice which means you won’t need a re-fillable cartridge, this also does away with the activation switch thereupon creating a much more pleasurable smoking experience.

The top selling electronic vapor cigarettes in the Canadian market place as of now seem to be the highly acclaimed two piece models often found in electronic cig starter kits spanning from basic electronic vapor cigarette kits to advanced starter kits. The standard basic smokeless e-cigarette starter kit normally includes a rechargeable lithium battery, 3 or 4 disposable cartomizers and a charging cable. Advanced electronic vapor cig kits include all of these above mentioned parts as well as a few additional pieces including plug adaptors as well as charging cases.

When in doubt of whether or not e-cigs are going to be right for you it’s strongly recommended that you purchase a disposable e cig. Just about all well-known smokeless e-cigarette distributors offer disposable electronic cigs cheaply therefore giving you the chance of trying them out first instead of investing your hard earned money on more costly e-cigarette starter kits.

Every smokeless e cig has e liquid with 1 or more of of these required elements: Propylene Glycol, VG, natural and/or artificial flavorings and nicotine. Depending on the province you live in the importation of e-cigs that contain tobacco nicotine might or might not be legal so it would be a good idea to check your local laws before you spend your money on smokeless electronic cigarettes thatcontain e juice with nicotine from tobacco leaves from retailers outside of your province or countrycountry or province.

Smokeless electronic cigars are a new addition to the electronic vapor cigarette industry, they function much in the same way as e-cigarettes except that they resemble a conventional cigar . Smokeless e pipes are also a relatively new product addition to the electronic cigarette world, resembling and working much like authentic tobacco pipes that are sold in tobacco shops.

Another new product called a smokless e shisha is taking the industry by storm and is now the most fancied smoking alternative for people who wish to quit smoking a traditional hookah. Expert test studies have proven that two puffs off of a normal hookah with shisha is the same as 1 full traditional cigarette, so the standard session on a hookah pipe of about one hundred draws would be the same as roughly fifty regular cigarettes in terms of negative health effects on the body, an ehookah pen has proved to be a wiser choice. .

With all the new and improved electronic vapor cigs being released into the market it’s no wonder that a whole new group of electronic cig smokers have developed dubbed vaping aficionados. Often times this society of innovative E-Cig Modvaping aficionados attend vape clubs or local vaping lounges and make analysis between the multitude of flavors, vapours and nicotine strengths also collaborating together to figure out new and innovative ways of increasing the performance of their PV’s by way of changing certain elements, this is called building a mod and has fast become popular amongst those who like to vape. Modified vaporizers will often require a larger lithium battery with the ability to bring up and/or decrease voltage output until the moment that optimal vapour has been developed.

Other ways that vaping enthusiasts use to go about increasing vapour production is to add a couple drops of flavored liquid directly to the atomizer (atty), this technique is called dripping and increases the amount of vapour and flavor that’s produced, it is best to drip with a smokeless personal e vaporizers.

The e-cig industry has exploded and several different products have been developed, but the majority of e-cig users all conclude that the two piece e-cigarettes are by far the most realistic style.

Electronic Shisha (hookah) are an emerging counterpart to e-cigs

Electronic shisha pens  are gaining a great deal of popularity among young people. This is because they offer the same experience as that of using traditional shisha without the horrible effects associated with it. Shisha pens Electronic Shisha Pensare also known by different names such as electronic hookah, e-hookah and shisha sticks. According to manufacturers, the health risks posed by e-hookahs are much less than that caused by traditional shisha. So, what are shisha sticks? Are they really safer than traditional shisha?

Shisha Pens – How They Work?

Shisha pens are similar to electronic cigarettes. They run on battery power and consist of an atomizer which converts an e-liquid into vapor. The user then inhales the vapor. These devices are available in both disposable and reusable forms. They also come in a wide range of fruit flavors.

Shisha Pens – What Are the E-liquids Made Of?

Theliquids in a shish pen (e-Hookah) mainly contain water, fruit flavors (herbs), propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are non-toxic. Health Canada has approved the use of these organic compounds in many consumable products.

Shisha Pens – No Nicotine in Canadian Shisha Pens

Shish pens or e-hookahs are devoid of toxic compounds like heavy metals (lead and arsenic), carbon monoxide and other chemicals that cause cancer. These toxic compounds are present in traditional shisha. However, nicotine may be present in varying strengths in some of these devices that are available outside Canada. In Canada nicotine is prohibited in shisha pens and all other electronic smoking devices

The toxic compounds present in traditional shisha serve to increase the risk of heart disease, cancers and respiratory diseases, among many others. Additionally, people smoking traditional shisha subject others around them also to inhale the toxic fumes and contract serious illnesses.

On the other hand, electronic shisha pens are smoke-free devices. Therefore, the risk of passive smoking does not arise. Moreover, they are devoid of the nasty smell. In Canada, you can even smoke them indoors because they are not regulated. Since shisha pens are generally devoid of any toxic chemicals that are present in traditional shisha, the risk of the user acquiring smoking-related diseases is significantly less. However, it is important to always check the ingredients present in e-shisha sticks that you want to buy. This is to make sure that nasty chemicals are not present in them.

Shisha Pens – are they Safe To Use?

As the e-liquids used in shisha pens mainly contain water and other non-toxic ingredients, inhalation of vapors produced by them provide a more pleasant experience. This is much better than smoking traditional hookah which May Be Worse Than Cigarettes. However, it is important to remember that shisha pens are relatively new to the market and their safety has not yet been tested. Many aspects about them are still not known and credible studies have not yet been conducted to ascertain whether e-shisha pens are safe.

Tips On How To Get the Best From Your Electronic Cigarette

There can be one of two circumstances when you buy and decide to smoke an electronic cigarette for the first time. One, you are a smoker and  intend to switch to e-cigaretes because you want to quit smoking or you simply wish to try out something new. Two, you have never smoked tobacco in your life and are trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time. If you are experienced with smoking and with electronic cigarettes then you may not need these tips. But if you have not heard about them or have not realized them then they can be a revelation.

When you buy your first electronic cigarettes, you should never buy the strongest flavor or the highest nicotine strength. In fact in Canada it is against the law to sell ecigs with nicotine, however some retailers are still selling them so beware of the strength because nicotine in high doses can be lethal. If you are a nonsmoker, then you will have trouble with the strongest flavor and the high nicotine strength will not suit you at all. Go for the mildest flavor and the least nicotine strength. That is ideal for nonsmokers. If you have been a smoker or still smoke, then too you shouldn’t opt for the highest strength of nicotine. This is primarily because of the reason that very high nicotine strength may cause some discomfort.

Many smokers feel that they will crave for nicotine when they make the switch to electronic cigarettes and thus they will have withdrawal symptoms. It is to avoid those withdrawal symptoms that people opt for very high nicotine strengths.

The reality is that if you opt for a medium level of nicotine strength, you can always take stronger puffs or smoke more of the e-liquid in electronic cigarettes. But if you choose the strongest nicotine content then there is no way to cut it down. Even the smallest puffs will have the ability to make you feel uncomfortable. You will not experience withdrawal symptoms if you smoke electronic cigarettes with mild nicotine strengths.

Do not go for flavors immediately. Not everyone likes flavored vapor. You should always start with tobacco flavors or basic flavorless electronic cigarettes. Once you like it, you should proceed to experimentations. If you choose a flavor, there is no harm as there is no side effect but in case you don’t like it then you will be spending your money on a product that you wouldn’t like or use entirely.

How To Determine if Your Electronic Cigarette is a Quality One

Whenever you buy any product, you will try and analyse if it is good for you, if the investment is reasonable and if you will extract the desired or expected benefits. A product that doesn’t satiate your needs will never be deemed desirable or worth buying. When you buy electronic cigarettes, you will certainly want to make a wise purchase and you should be happy with the product. There are many brands of e cigarettes on the market and naturally it is a very difficult task to choose one. Even if you have chosen one, how do you judge if  it is good.

There are five parameters based on which you should judge electronic cigarettes.

Vapour Quality

The vapour quality is a very important attribute. How does the vapour feel? Is there a good amount of vapour every time you take a puff or is there very little vapour? There are electronic cigarettes that produce a lot of vapour, enough to emulate the smoking experience that you have when you smoke a tobacco cigarette. At the same time, there are many electronic cigarettes that will produce very little vapour, so little that you will not even know if you are puffing and taking in anything. The volume, quality and coolness of the vapour are the expectations. There shouldn’t be any burning sensation; there should be no burnt smell or feel. It should be pleasant and you should be satiated.

Nicotine Strength

You should be happy with the nicotine strength. If you choose the nicotine strength of 24 mg/ml in the e-liquid then it shouldn’t taste like it has no nicotine or has very little. What you buy or what is promised by the brand should be delivered and you must feel that and not just have it on paper. Also, judge a brand by its range of nicotine strengths offered.


How many flavours does a brand have? That will be a factor but the quality of every flavour should be the real determiner of the quality of the electronic cigarettes. Does vanilla taste like it or it is bland? Does strawberry have the right taste or it is just sweet or tangy?


How long the battery lasts, is there a USB charger, how many puffs each bottle of e-liquid or cartridge offers and what kind of materials are used in the electronic cigarettes are also quintessential attributes.
Price. Finally, judge an e cig according to its price. Don’t expect the best from the cheapest and don’t accept anything but the best from the dearest.

How To Get The Best Deal On an Electronic Cigarette

Unlike tobacco cigarettes with government regulated prices, you can get discounts and some amazing deals on electronic cigarettes. All you need to do is be aware and look out for the best deals as and when they are available. There may be some time before electronic cigarettes tend to pose fixed prices without any abrupt discounts but given the nature of the industry and as it is shaping up, you may always find a deal to save some money on electronic cigarettes.

Here are some tips that can help you to get the best deal on electronic cigarettes.

Disposable Starter Packs

You should look for disposable electronic cigarettes from any brand while shopping for electronic cigarettes. Almost every brand out there offers a very economically priced disposable starter pack. The objective of the brand is to convince you of the quality of their product by asking you to spend a small sum of money and trying just one disposable e cig. You can always try out this disposable e cig; get an idea of the quality and save money at the same time. If you are satiated then you can always opt for larger packs. Some brands have larger starter packs than one electronic cigarette. In such packs too you would get some substantial discounts.

Online Coupons, Discount Codes

The virtual world is flooded with online coupons and discount codes. You can look for them on certain ecommerce sites. There are special sites that launch promotional codes and issue coupons. You can sign up for their newsletters and get some amazing offers on electronic cigarettes. You may not get refills for free but you can certainly save anywhere from 20% to 50% and at times more on select purchases.

Starter kits

Every brand has a plethora of  starter kits which they promote at heavily discounted prices. The objective of the brands is to sell the special packs and to increase their market share in the process. You may get a combination of various flavors at a discounted price. You may opt for refills along with fresh electronic cigarettes and the cost of the latter may be waived off. There are many such special packs which you can buy and those would range from starter packs to stocks for three months. Take advantage of such deals and you will always save money while buying electronic cigarettes.

In canada it is illegal to sell electronic cigarette products that are pre-filled with nicotine and we believe the the ban on these products should be lifted as independent testing is proving that they are a much better cessation device than anything else in the Canadian marketplace